Don’t Let Her Slip Away

I sat and watched the dawning of the day when I was just a child.

I always felt so empty, it seemed there should be someone by my side.

I spoke of it to Grandpa and he said, “Don’t you worry, Son.

I guarantee you someday, somewhere, somehow you’ll find someone.

You’ll dream of her until it seems she’s real and you’ll feel her everywhere.

You’ll recognize her footsteps and turn and find her standing there.

Your eyes will meet, the sparks will fly, there’ll be no doubt of what it means.

The hand of God will touch you, and you’ll hold her for all the world to see.

You’ll know it when you find her, she’ll make your world complete.

And you’ll miss her when she’s gone, the roses on the vine won’t smell as sweet.

She’s on this earth somewhere, if you listen you can hear her calling far away.

And you may search for her forever, but if you find her

          Don’t let her slip away.”

He said, “You’re too young to remember Grandma, but for me she was the only girl.

And when we came together, a fuller man walked a brighter world.

For forty years she stood by me, I held her close as she lay dying.

And if it hadn’t been for you grandkids,  I’d’a gladly gone with her right then.

I knew it when I found her, she made my world complete.

And I miss her now she’s gone, the roses on the vine don’t smell as sweet.

I know she’s out there somewhere, when I listen I can hear her calling far away.

And I may search for her forever, but this time when I find her,

          I won’t let her slip away…..

©2000 Larry Brinkley