I Just Wanna Make It Better

Sitting in the corner drinking all alone.

I know you wanna dance, you got your dancing shoes on.

Every man’s trying to get you out on the floor,

But if you shake a leg with me you’ll come back for more!


Love is kinda funny, you got to take a chance.

I don’t wanna marry you, I just wanna dance!

I see in your eyes your body’s all I’m after,

But I’d rather see you happy and hear your laughter!


I see you everywhere all across the land–

A pretty little girl having trouble with her man!

He may be crazy, he may be insane,

But that doesn’t mean that I’m the one to blame!


Hey, little girl, tell me what’s your name?

Don’t look at me that way, we’re not all the same!

I don’t care what he done, I don’t care who you blame!

I wanna make it better if you’ll just tell me your name!


©Larry Brinkley 1993