If The Ducks Don’t Come

I don’t know what to think of most women.

I can get em on my hook but I can’t reel em in.

Don’t know what they feel, don’t know what they think.

You can take a horse to water but you can’t make em drink!


I need someone to hold when I have a good cry,

Someone to hold me and never say goodbye.

The center of attention is what I crave—

Echo was a nymph that died in a cave!


Maybe some day Crystal Gail or Shania Twain

Will move into my world like a fast moving train!

I’ll be her friend! I’ll be her lover!

I’ll just stay home and make tricycle motors!


I’m forty years old, I ain’t no cherry!

I want to have fun and I want to be married!

I’ll wait forever, I know what I want!

But the hummingbirds die if the ducks don’t come…..


©Larry Brinkley 1993