Sometimes things Just Happen

He helped his family pick out the first clothes he’d wear.

He daydreamed of the button cheeks, blue eyes and golden hair.

He laughed with tears the day he heard his first heartbeat.

He braced himself for sleepless nights and the patter of little feet.


He watched his daughter growing, and counted down the days.

He didn’t know he’d be the one who’d dig his grandson’s grave.

Sometimes things just happen that tear us up down inside.

Even now I wake at night and can still hear my daddy cry.


He has other grandsons now, and a great one on the way.

But he never shows any joy until he knows they are here to stay.

He doesn’t talk about it, doesn’t let it show–

His feelings for the one grandson he will never get to know…..


©Larry Brinkley 1993