When I Said Goodbye

I said, “Where’s the money?” You said, “It’s all gone.”

I said, “What the hell did you spend it on?!?”

You said, “I paid the bills!” And I walked out the door,

Saying, “I ain’t gonna live like this no more!”

When I returned that evening to find that you were gone,

I knew I’d hurt your feelings, I knew that I’d done wrong.

We never had a dime to spare, a story sad but true.

And I walked out and laid the blame on you.

Now like raindrops falling against the windowpane,

A sea of guilty tears is running down my face.

I thought you were such a fool, I was too blind to see.

But now I know the foolish one was me.

But when I said goodbye, you know I did not mean forever.

I thought surely in a day or two, we’d be back together.

And when I said goodbye, I did not understand

You would not be back again,

          That just one word would end

                      Everything we’d planned…..

©Larry Brinkley 2008