Picking the poems for this site was not an easy task.  It was akin to choosing among my children.  Each represents an achievement in my otherwise worthless life, and, like a child reluctant to flush his first turd, each one is precious.

These poems represent my personal favorites of the hundreds I have written over the last thirty-six years.  Some of them have been published, some have not.

If i had wanted to capture frozen moments in time, I would have become  photographer, not a poet!  My job, as I see it, is to crash through the barriers of a lifetime of indifference and create a lasting impression in a few hundred words or less.

All my writing is Symbolism, pure and simple, designed to illicit subliminal responses from the reader.  Therefore, some of these poems may appear very divine while other quite devilish!

Many people have contributed and helped shape my life’s work.  The love and acceptance I received from everyone of the Arkansas Poet’s Roundtable in my early years of writing, especially the tutelage of Opal Jane O’Neal and the gang of the Hot Springs Branch, kept me from being recognized posthumously, if at all.

The lessons I learned from the DMZ in Little Rock were invaluable.  Nothing on earth can test the metal of a poem like a fairly large dimly-lit room filled with half-drunk college students!

Jack Butler sat me down and helped me make the right choice.  The long conversations with John Crawford gave me the courage to go on.  But I’m afraid that blame must forever rest upon the shoulders of Master John Wink.  Like a Playtex Living Bra, he made me what I am today!  For his fine teaching and phenomenal insight helped me to fine-tune what small poetic skill I may possess.

A special thanks goes to Eric Bowers, a close personal friend of mine, without whose help this website would never have been published. 😛

A large share of credit must go to my loving wife, Betty.  It has been her continual encouragement and quest for excellence that has driven me these many long years.  To get by her a poem has to be good, because she is almost as hard to please as Marvin Schwartz!

And to all my family and friends, without whose patience, love and understanding, I would not have given a damn anyway……