It’s Easy To Love The Cildren

I could spend the rest of my days sitting here in this chair

Watching my little grand daughter comb the puppy’s hair.

She has so much energy, she’s always on the go.

The only time she looks around is when I tell her, “No!”

It’s easy to love the children and the folly of a child.

They fall down and get back up and hardly lose their smile.

The good lord told each of us He’s not too hard to please.

All we really have to do is become like one of these!

Sleepless nights and diapers are such a small price to pay

To make sure the little ones will have a brighter day.

A million years of ancestors have come this way and gone,

And it’s good to know our family will go on and on!


©Larry Brinkley 1993


Sometimes things Just Happen

He helped his family pick out the first clothes he’d wear.

He daydreamed of the button cheeks, blue eyes and golden hair.

He laughed with tears the day he heard his first heartbeat.

He braced himself for sleepless nights and the patter of little feet.


He watched his daughter growing, and counted down the days.

He didn’t know he’d be the one who’d dig his grandson’s grave.

Sometimes things just happen that tear us up down inside.

Even now I wake at night and can still hear my daddy cry.


He has other grandsons now, and a great one on the way.

But he never shows any joy until he knows they are here to stay.

He doesn’t talk about it, doesn’t let it show–

His feelings for the one grandson he will never get to know…..


©Larry Brinkley 1993

There You Are

I felt my lover’s muscles tense, her face a mask of surprise.

I looked and saw my wife standing there with tears in her eyes.

She didn’t say a single word, she just turned and left.

When I found her by the car she looked at me and said,

“You can run away from your mama, or leave your wife and kids.

You can hide in the darkest cave and think you’re really hid,

But you can never hide from the one who bears your scars.

No matter where you go in life, remember, there you are!”

We rode home in silence. It was the longest ride of my life.

I didn’t know if I still had a home, or if she was still my wife.

She never spoke of that day again, and that was twenty years ago.

But no matter how rough life gets, in my heart I’ll always know

You can run away from your mama, or leave your wife and kids.

You can hide in the darkest cave and think you’re really hid,

But you can never hide from the one who bears your scars.

No matter where you go in life, remember, there you are!


©Larry Brinkley 1993


I Just Wanna Make It Better

Sitting in the corner drinking all alone.

I know you wanna dance, you got your dancing shoes on.

Every man’s trying to get you out on the floor,

But if you shake a leg with me you’ll come back for more!


Love is kinda funny, you got to take a chance.

I don’t wanna marry you, I just wanna dance!

I see in your eyes your body’s all I’m after,

But I’d rather see you happy and hear your laughter!


I see you everywhere all across the land–

A pretty little girl having trouble with her man!

He may be crazy, he may be insane,

But that doesn’t mean that I’m the one to blame!


Hey, little girl, tell me what’s your name?

Don’t look at me that way, we’re not all the same!

I don’t care what he done, I don’t care who you blame!

I wanna make it better if you’ll just tell me your name!


©Larry Brinkley 1993

Red On Top

Graveyard shift at the Cumberland Farms,

Took me home with her and showed me her charms!

Got a four leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe!

She say, “I give you good luck, if that’s alright with you!”


She an engineer, she like to drive her train.

I stand in line to let he drive me insane!

She go “Choo choo!” and I go “Choo choo!”

She say, “You can have caboose, if that’s alright with you!”


She wears a short dress, she like to ride my bike.

Motor tween her legs shows her racing stripe!

Blanket on the ground, I make my move.

She say, “Now I drive, if that’s alright with you!”


She ain’t brunette, she ain’t no blond!

Long legged Irish woman is a lot of fun!

She got a temper and green eyes, too!

She say, “I give you blarney, if that’s alright with you!”


She got red on top, she got red down below!

Bumping to her music you ain’t never moving slow!

I want to count her freckles but she won’t hold still!

She said, “I ain’t never and I never will, if that’s alright with you!”


©Larry Brinkley 1993

Hang The Seventh sun

Where were you when I needed you? When I wanted you?

Each time I looked around you were gone. What could I do?

Each time I gave you up and I began to roam.

Yet tears of joy would fill my eyes each time you came back home.


Seven times you knocked and each time I let you in,

Right back where we started, no beginning and no end.

And though you think you’ve seen it all, you’ve only just begun.

But walk with me just one more time and we’ll hang the seventh sun!


Yeah, we went up on that mountain ten years ago today.

The beaver popped his tail and you tried to run away.

We fought the water and the fire, the earth and the wind

To find the valley of the secret cave and we went in.


Now comes the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.

You must decide for yourself what is right for you.

The White Bird of Freedom is leaving on its way—

Seven is the deadline and it won’t wait another day…..


©Larry Brinkley 1993

King Of The World

Behind every man is the queen of his house.

If he doesn’t keep her happy, she’ll throw him out!

Yeah, she can be so hard to please,

But she can bring his whole world right down to his knees!

And everybody knows when it’s all said and done

That the king of the world is a woman!


Because it’s her hand that sets your table

And it’s the same hand that rocks your cradle.

She owns the man behind the money,

And she holds all the world’s sweetest honey!

So everybody knows when it’s said and done

That the king of the world is a woman!


Yeah, a boy from Arkansas was the boss of the world,

But the boss of that boy was an Arkansas girl!

And every time Billy got way out of line,

She cracked her whip and made everything fine.

So everybody knew when it was all said and done

That the king of the world was a woman!


©Larry Brinkley 1993

If The Ducks Don’t Come

I don’t know what to think of most women.

I can get em on my hook but I can’t reel em in.

Don’t know what they feel, don’t know what they think.

You can take a horse to water but you can’t make em drink!


I need someone to hold when I have a good cry,

Someone to hold me and never say goodbye.

The center of attention is what I crave—

Echo was a nymph that died in a cave!


Maybe some day Crystal Gail or Shania Twain

Will move into my world like a fast moving train!

I’ll be her friend! I’ll be her lover!

I’ll just stay home and make tricycle motors!


I’m forty years old, I ain’t no cherry!

I want to have fun and I want to be married!

I’ll wait forever, I know what I want!

But the hummingbirds die if the ducks don’t come…..


©Larry Brinkley 1993

Point Man

Look at every bush and movement in the trees,

Can’t see Charley but feel him looking at me.

Hold my fear in check, I can’t run and hide.

If I don’t do my job then everybody dies!

They depend on me to get them in close.

Stay downwind, yeah, Charley got a nose!

Better learn well, won’t get a second try,

Because if I don’t do my job then everybody dies!

Braver than brave, point man on a LRRP.

Yesterday John Wayne, today I’m Wyatt Earp!

You think I’m paranoid, I can see it in your eyes.

But if I don’t do my job then everybody dies!


©Larry Brinkley 1984

When I Said Goodbye

I said, “Where’s the money?” You said, “It’s all gone.”

I said, “What the hell did you spend it on?!?”

You said, “I paid the bills!” And I walked out the door,

Saying, “I ain’t gonna live like this no more!”

When I returned that evening to find that you were gone,

I knew I’d hurt your feelings, I knew that I’d done wrong.

We never had a dime to spare, a story sad but true.

And I walked out and laid the blame on you.

Now like raindrops falling against the windowpane,

A sea of guilty tears is running down my face.

I thought you were such a fool, I was too blind to see.

But now I know the foolish one was me.

But when I said goodbye, you know I did not mean forever.

I thought surely in a day or two, we’d be back together.

And when I said goodbye, I did not understand

You would not be back again,

          That just one word would end

                      Everything we’d planned…..

©Larry Brinkley 2008