Sons of god, daughters of men-

A spawning place where new breeds begin.

We planted a seed, now destiny

Must run its course before we see

           What we have done.

Your own Columbus did the same

When across the Void he came

To mix the blood of east and west,

To build a nation that was best

          For your world.

Do not fear, you are young.

Very soon the day will come

To lift your peoples to the stars,

Show the rest of us who you are

          And what you do.

A new race among the stars,

Strengths and weaknesses from the scars

Of growing up in a violent world-

A place of joy, a place of horror-

          So hard to endure.

Ah, but therein lies your strength.

Through the fog you’ve walked the length

Of that hell you call home.

And though you thought you were alone

          We saw it all.

©Larry Brinkley 1981


The Gates

Quick to laugh, quick to anger.

Fall in love with a total stranger.

In too deep before you see the danger…..

Skeletons in a rich man’s head.

Don’t let them catch you in her bed.

Get to heaven, boy, before the Devil knows you’re dead….

The Wheel has eyes all around the town.

You can’t hide where you won’t be found.

Don’t be here when the sun goes down….

Cleave the wood and there I am!

Take your finger from the hole in the dam,

And say goodbye to your fellow man…..

Someone took and someone gave.

The road to the top is always paved

With the skeletons of unmarked graves…..

Black man sweat and Indian blood.

Yellow bones cast under foot.

White man’s ghosts in the neighborhood…..

Eagles fly where eagles dare.

Demons tread where angels fear.

Eternity is just one step away from here…..

The eyes in my dreams

Carve away what is not me

As I say hello to infinity.

Cleave the wood and there I am!

Take your finger from the hole in the dam,

And say goodbye to your fellow man…..

© Larry Brinkley 1995

Tarnished Halo

I burned the iron bra that bound my breast,

I carved a Celtic altar in the middle of my chest,

Raised a cone of power up to the sky

To haunt the hallowed abyss where the nightmare rides!

Tarnished halo and redskin gloves…..

I can’t go back, won’t go back to what I was.

I divorced my mama, now I’m going strong.

I traveled to the East and back! God, the road was long!

Now I am a master of the Vril,

Green Dragon of a bitter pill.

Cast of feeble flesh and bone,

Though you hold me in disgrace I’m the cornerstone!

I’m no longer part of the human race,

I speak to mountains in outer space!

New worlds assembled inside my head!

Don’t try to save me because I’m better off dead!

You multicolored monks who built the bra

Go bury your head in the Brahmaputra.

You straddle the Whore, you’re above the Law!

But your thousand year reign is about to fall!

Tarnished halo and redskin gloves…..

I can’t go back, won’t go back to what I was.

I divorced my mama, now I’m going strong.

I traveled to the East and back! God, the road was long!

© Larry Brinkley 1994



Did not save my soul

From the sounds of babies crying 

Or the smells of burning flesh.

But they did do

What they do best…..


©1985 Larry Brinkley

Torn Between My Loves

Hark! Do I hear orders bellowed from the boudoir? “I’m coming, Dear!”

Egad! Must I satisfy that lusty wench at her every beck and call?

Alas, a man’s work is never done. But I have work to do here, deadlines to meet!

I can’t drop everything and run to her every time her hormones act up!

I have to get this poem in the mail tomorrow. Let’s see:

          ‘I read, entranced, transfixed by the pusillanimous non-entities

          Enjoying their didactic asceticism incognito between the lines…’

No, no. This is supposed to be a Traditional Verse. Hmm…..

Maybe I can write something using the name of a great poet.

That always works on the judges, makes them feel important.

“Alright! Alright! I’ll be there in a minute!”

Crom! How can I write a winning poem in weather like this?!?

Maybe I can build a love poem, they’re always in vogue.

Especially if one of the judges is a woman. How about:

          ‘I was feeling really down on my luck, like I’d just french kissed a Mack truck,

          When her eyes met mine in a clash of cobalt and jade.’

Ok, that’s a good start, if I can find a line that rhymes with jade.

“Woman, if I’m not there in five minutes, start without me!”

Jesus! I think I will bat out my brains if she bothers me one more time!

Maybe if I ignore her she will go to sleep!

Aye, but Fate is a strange task master, whose twists and turns astound me still.

When my wife and I first wed, our lusts caused quite a stir in the old neighborhood,

As our lovemaking rang to the heavens night after night after night.

But all too soon her passion ran cold, while mine continued to boil time and time again.

And lying beside a beautiful body that didn’t want me

Drove me away from the nuptial bed and into the arms of another,

          And another and another.

While she spent lonely nights at home and scarcely seemed to notice,

I drank my fill of honey freely offered, and such a big thirst it was!

But each conquest was a hollow victory, an eternity of guilty tears

          That far outweighed the joy.

And so I bridled my errant passions and stayed home by the fire

That had never really died, small but steady, comforting in its glow.

True, thin was the veneer which covered the flames smouldering in my blood,

Kept barely in check, threatening to erupt at the slightest provocation.

But I found these potent lusts to be a powerful impetus in my writings

As they strove desperately to be expressed!

And I felt this raw energy transmute itself over the years into a mighty force for Good,

As it evolved from a physical wantonness to a great love for all mankind.

And then slowly, ever so slowly, the undertow of mighty cosmic currents

Pulled me toward an all-consuming quest for the very godhead Itself!

          Now comes the grandest irony of all!

My wife’s passion, dormant these many years, is rearing its lovely head to be scratched

By a part of me thought lost long ago, sacrificed on the altar of matrimonial peace!

She waits for me now, as I waited for her so, so many times.

And though I have thought seriously of taking the gold out of her teeth,

The silver out of her hair, the lead out of her ass, and junking the rest of her,

I love her still. And so I will go to her, and give of myself,

For I know the agony of unfulfilled desire held in limbo.

Some days it seems:

          ‘My heart is rent in two, torn between my loves,

           And I slowly die as the halves grind my soul to dust.’

Hay! That’ll make a good poem! Maybe I will write it……. afterward.

“Yes, yes, I am coming, my little dumpling!”

©1984 Larry Brinkley

When I Said Goodbye

I said, “Where’s the money?” You said, “It’s all gone.”

I said, “What the hell did you spend it on?!?”

You said, “I paid the bills!” as I walked out the door,

Saying, “I ain’t gonna live like this no more!”

When I returned that evening to find that you were gone,

I knew I’d hurt your feelings. I knew that I’d done you wrong.

We never had a dime to spare, a story sad but true.

And I walked out and laid the blame on you.

Now like baby raindrops falling against the windowpane,

A sea of guilty tears is falling down my face.

I thought you were such a fool, I was too blind to see.

And now I know the foolish one was me….

But when I said goodbye, I did not mean forever.

I thought surely in a day or two, we’d be back together.

And when I said goodbye, I did not understand

          You would not be back again.

                    That just one word would end

                               Everything we planned…..

© 2005 Larry Brinkley

What We Have Done

We are not remembered for what we have done, but for what we did last.

Twenty years of love erased by one night of lust,

Lifelong friendships lost over some petty argument,

Words flung in haste that are never forgotten.

Motives misjudged by a parent and a saint spends years in the pen.

A habitual lowlife saves a child and is raised up in the eyes of men;

Thirty year’s pension wiped out in a single stroke of greed;

God’s promise of three score and ten successfully completed in senility.

Each of us makes decisions based on evidence at hand.

Only later, upon reflection, does guilt come creeping in.

It seems to make no difference our works of days long past,

For we are only remembered for what we did last…..

          Except, perhaps, in the eyes of God!

©1982 Larry Brinkley

Why Does It Taste So Good

I looked into the bottom of a well and found God looking back at me.

He said in a voice soft and clear, “Man is mankind’s worst enemy!

“He always wants what he knows he can’t have, and he never does what he knows he should!”

And I said, “Well, if you didn’t want us to eat that apple why’d you make it taste so good?!?”

He said, “Woman tempted man, and man fell in love with the glitter, the glamour, the things of this world.

He forgot who he was, he forgot about me! He gave up the Garden for the love of a girl!”

I said, “Hold on, Lord, it was not her fault! She only did what she thought she should!

But if you didn’t want her to eat that apple, why’d you go and make it taste so good?!?”

And I heard Satan say, “Atta boy! Tell the Old Man a thing or two.

He never would listen to me. Maybe He will listen to you.

But be careful, boy, he angers easy, and you now stand where I once stood.

But if He didn’t want you to eat that apple, why DID He make it taste so good?”

I said, “Satan, you’re badder than bad! You are full of evil and rotten to the to the bone!

You destroyed the thing we all hold so dear! So why don’t you leave us alone!”

Satan grinned and whispered in my ear, “Boy, I think you misunderstood!

If God didn’t want you to eat that apple, He never would have made it taste so good!”

©1997 Larry Brinkley

Wolfen Call

I fell in love with the woman of my dreams. I gave her my Soul and promised her the moon.

In time she learned to love me, too. Ahh, but her love for me sealed her doom.

She walked me down the aisle and took my name. Now she’s mine! All mine… all mine…

I love her, God, how I love her, but my body’s never satisfied.

Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night

May become a wolf when the Wolfbane blooms and the Harvest Moon shines bright.

By day I walk the straight and narrow, by night I run to the wolfen call.

The ancient curse that stalks my gender….. my heart loves one woman but I want them all!

I see a pretty woman and my mouth starts to water, I forget about the one that I love back home.

I stalk my prey like nothing else matters, the animal within me begins to moan.

A beast in heat, my body changes. This demon lust makes me lose control.

My heart starts racing, I’ve got to have her! I’ll have her mind, body, heart, and soul.

Feel the blood coursing through her veins! Go ahead and take her, there is no shame!

Take what is yours, yours alone! Conquer her and glorify your name!

Fresh meat, uh huh, feel the blood pumping! Harder, harder, see the heart thumping!

Move in for the kill, wild and raging! Feel her! Pierce her! Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl!!!!

          Yeah, even a man who is pure of heart

                     And says his prayers by night,

                               May become a wolf when the Wolfbane blooms

                                         And the Harvest Moon shines bright…..

©1993 Larry Brinkley